Let us, just for a minute, suspend the real world and pretend that the Orange Order were a business.

Its strategy is centred around a policy of “what we have we hold” There is no growth policy or development plan. Its Management structure is overwhelmingly male and middle aged to elderly. Its culture is based on an hierarchical adherence to some core values which have little relevance in todays world.

Its “Customers” as opposed to members, express their allegiance by drinking a lot and abusing non customers, demonstrating exactly the opposite characteristics to those upon which the organisation was founded.

Those customers are, however, very loyal but contribute nothing to the organisation except poor publicity and embarrassment.

Its members, or employees to continue my analogy, make their own minds up regarding local matters and ignore head office as they see fit on non central business although they really like the uniform and company procedures.

The Business’s attitude towards its neighbours is, at best, contemptuous, and towards the regulatory authorities in which it operates is confrontational and dismissive.

There is no business plan, no vision and no evolution. There hasn’t been any of these things for many years, apart from an, eh marketing thingy called Orangefest which nobody, thought through, developed and built upon.(It did have a nice Disney type mascot I think)

There is, of course, the original business model which has worked just fine for the last 150 years.

As any 1st year business studies student will tell you: Stand still, you’re going backwards.

I wonder who would invest in such an organisation or indeed how long more it might last. In the real world.