It’s my grumpy old man moment….even if I’m not that old. They are digging up the A2 Belfast to Bangor Rd. AGAIN !!!!! For five bloody Months. This follows on from the last major dig up where they relaid the footpaths and road surface a few months ago and, and, and, etc. It never stops.I have lived in Bangor for quite a few years and the road is in a semi permanent state of Trafficonitis. I’m Furious.

This road handles about 50,000 journeys a day! It’s Summer. Bangor is a seaside town in prime season and some nutter has agreed to this at, wait for it, the weekends for the entire Summer. And to cap the lot, as I crawled past this shambles today at 3 miles an hour after a twenty minute delay there was a flipping SPEED CAMERA VAN sitting in the middle of it. I honestly am not making this up.

Ok, Deep breath. What T.F. (excuse me, i’m a bit annoyed) are North Down Council up to here? Who authorises these works? Who co-ordinates the different utility companies? Who is RESPONSIBLE?

The answer is easy, anyone wants to dig up the frigging rd has to inform all other interested parties prior to work commencing in order to gain Council approval. If the other parties don’t avail of the opportunity to co-ordinate the works, costs, etc, tough luck. Two year deferral and/or a fine. (or pay all Bangor residents road tax for the duration of the works).

Am I the only one?