Us Southerners have voted yes. god help us now. Not so much lap of the Gods as lap of the Bankers. Big mistake in my view but at least we had a vote and something of a debate. I can’t argue with a democratic vote even though I disagree with it.
In my view it is the presence of a written constitution that ensured that the vote took place at least.
As the Irish Constitution is based, theoretically, on the French and US models, I am surprised that no other European Country had the same opportunity.
Thus the democratic deficit in the EU project is yet again exposed.
At least the robustness of the Irish Constitution has been proved again. I am curious as to what the result would have been had the North been included in the vote, as I believe it should have been.
Interestingly, the economic indicators in the South are improving gradually, Manufacturing output up, services sector up, fragile economic growth (Today’s Irish Times)
In comparison the six county economy seems to be standing still.